The Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Pakistan (IEEEP) in collaboration with Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) is pleased to announce 32nd IEEEP National Engineering Students Competition 2017 (32nd IEEEP NESC '17)

Hack Town calls for Participation from all Engineering & related domains.

NSEC'17 is in continuation in series of IEEEP All Pakistan Student Seminar held each year by IEEEP Karachi Centre. This Year IEEEP and SSUET are collaborating to hold 2-day Competition which includes Final Year Engineering Projects Competition and Hack Town: An all engineers Hack-a-Thon

What is Hack Town?

  • Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Pakistan Karachi Center and Sir Syed University Engineering & Technology is pleased to announce the HACK TOWN 2017 : an urban development hack-a-thon at Sir Syed University Karachi campus
  • This is a multi disciplinary competition in which we are inviting students from universities from all over the Pakistan. The program compresses of competition amongst different students groups having different educational background. This platform provides a unique opportunity to students to develop their intellectual and professional capabilities.

It is not just software programming Hack-A-Thon

  • Hacking is creative problem solving. (It does not have to be about technology.)
  • A hack-a-thon is any event of any duration where people come together to solve problems.
  • Participants typically form groups of about 2-5 individuals, take out their laptops (if the event is technology themed), and dive into problems ad come up with innovative , tangible and realistic ideas to solve a problem

NESC will also facilitate in arrangement of transportation, boarding and lodging for participants.


  • To identify current problems being faced by developing countries
  • To enable our young minds in solving contemporary issues of our society
  • To provide a platform for our talent to show their skills and creativity to industry
  • To promote and reinforce innovation for future in an effective way
  • To enhance communication, social and time management skills in our young scientists and engineers


  • To empower entrepreneur talent
  • To provide tangible solutions for a particular problem
  • To identify promising talent that can be used to develop a smart city
  • To enhance communication, social and time management skills in our young scientists and engineers


You are eligible to participate and enter the Hack Town provided you meet the following requirements

  1. You must be from Computer science, engineering discipline or architecture
  2. You must be enrolled in current undergrad program at any institute/university
  3. You are not simultaneously participating in other event of NESC

How to Register

The Registration process is divided into two phases

  • Phase I

    1) Participant can only register him/herself as an individual through registration link https://goo.gl/forms/boJ59KxunpHnxT3b2 or by filling up the registration form available here email form and university ID card copy at hacktown@ssuet.edu.pk. Registration form may also be downloaded from HERE
  • Phase II

Process Outline

  • Pre Event

    1) Submission of problem statement based on theme through Registration (as Individual Participant).
    2) Problem statement confirmation or revision requested.
    3) Registration fees Payment Confirmation.
    4) Final registration confirmation.
  • Event Day

  • What you have to do !


  • Hack town activities are time bounded. You will have to complete the activity in given time. Extra time will not be allocated.
  • Be at venue before time so as to familiarize yourself with the venue.
  • You won’t be allowed to leave the hack town area during event hours without organizer consent.

Facilities at the Venue

Following facilities will be provided to the participant at the venue

  • 1) Room for hacking
  • 2) Food and beverages
  • 3) Electric sockets and extensions
  • 4) Stationary items
  • 5) Flip boards
  • 6) AV needs (Multimedia, LCD etc.)
  • 7) WiFi

What you have to bring?

Each participant must bring

  • 1) Personal Laptop
  • 2) Necessary Soft tools (e.g. Designing/developing/visual etc.)
  • 3) Additional components you foresee the need for it


1ST Prize

Rs. 50,000/-

2nd Prize

Rs. 25,000/-

Important Dates

30 January, 2017

Registration Deadline has been extended to 30th Jan Now

30th January, 2017

Rs. 850 for those who register themselves by the 30th January, 2017

01 February, 2017

Revised Proposal Submission

15 February, 2017

Final Notification of Acceptance

22 February, 2017

Hack Town: Day 1

23 February, 2017

Hack Town: Day 2

Do and Don'ts

  • 1) Do settle into the space and socialize with people
  • 2) Do welcome mentors and listen what they have to say
  • 3) Do keep your mind open for suggestions
  • 4) Don't argue with organizers, mentors and judges
  • 5) Don't go outside university during hacking

Terms & Conditions

  • (i) The hack town is open for registration to individuals who are currently enrolled as student in under graduate engineering or computer science/architecture program in a university and who are not faculty at those universities or bound by the intellectual property policies of those universities. (Please check hack town process details at http://nesc.ssuet.edu.pk)
  • (ii) Walk in registration is not allowed. (For inquiry or request on registration fees submission please contact us at hacktown@ssuet.edu.pk)
  • (iii) You will be provisionally confirmed after evaluation of your form. Registration will be confirmed once we receive your registration fees of Rs 1000/- .
  • (iv) You are not involved in any part of the creation, promotion, execution or administration of this HackTown.
  • (v) You are not to present your solution/idea at registration time.
  • (vi) Individuals cannot submit multiple problem statements. (email at hacktown@ssuet.edu.pk for inquiry if any)
  • (vii) You cannot participate in other events in NESC if you are participating in Hack Town. Your participation will be cancelled from NESC (all events) in case of multiple registrations.
  • (viii) You have to provide your university enrollment card/id and CNIC at the reception on event day.
  • (ix) By participating in the NESC-Hack Town, you will be disclosing and demonstrating your entry to other entrants of the Hackathon and the Judging Panel. You must ensure that you are comfortable sharing any information and ideas in this way.
  • (x) Entrants are responsible for all costs associated with their attendance at the Hack Town including but not limited to transport and accommodation. (hack town organizers can facilitate you in accommodation if required)
  • (xi) You consent to your name, image, likeness, photograph, video, hometown, description of entry and biography being used by NESC on its websites, in promotional material, and in any publicity accompanying or resulting from the NESC including but not limited to any press articles, blogs or articles on social media pages;
  • (xii) You will work in multi disciplinary team formed during the Hack Town.Switching team will be subject to the organizer’s approval
  • (xiii) The proposed solutions will be participant’s original/enhanced work and will not infringe the intellectual property of proprietaryrights of any third party (patents, copyrights or trademarks)
  • (xiv) Each participant must agree with the decision of judges
  • (xv) Any teams that violates the rule will be automatically disqualified
  • (xvi) NESC organizers reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the Hack Town prior to the events happening and any new terms and conditions shall be effective once uploaded to http://nesc.ssuet.edu.pk
  • (xvii) You agree that any and all information provided during the registration process is true, accurate, up to date and complete. Hack Town reserves the right to suspend or terminate your participation at any time.

Contact Information

NESC Competitions



22-23 February, 2017
Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology

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In no event will sponsors/organizers/institute be liable to you for any direct, special, incidental, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with your participation in NESC.